A step beyond the lightness, a step beyond the elegance.

No Gravity Patent

We have patented a unique, breathable and flexible insert, which gives our customers the feeling of walking on a light surface. This insert is always soft and long-lasting.

Thanks to the antibacterial and anti-shock properties of the invention, our shoes reduce the load on the spine and promote peripheral circulation.

A Nogs shoe is a shoe without gravity.

I nostri valori


We believe that comfort can coexist with elegance: we make light and practical shoes that do not tire the spine.


We believe that Made in Italy is synonymous with excellence: this is why we turn exclusively to the best Italian tanneries.


We believe that the beauty of a shoe depends on two inextricable factors: the artisan quality and the low environmental impact.

"We believe that innovation is done first with the heart, then with technology."

Giuseppe Olivieri

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Via Ennio Flaiano, 27
Zona Industriale Santa Scolastica
64013 Corropoli (TE)
P.IVA 01973210675
Email: [email protected]
Telefono: +39 351 8433039

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